Speed up your team’s growth, alignment and development with TFI. Feedback, dialogue and action for the best team performance.

Speed up your team’s growth, alignment and development with TFI. Feedback, dialogue and action for the best team performance.

Keep your teams on top of their game with Team Flow Index

Today’s organizations are built on successful, high-performing and smoothly operating teams. 

Every team needs to continuously grow and develop to remain ahead of its game. 

As more and more organizations develop towards Agile collaboration models, teams need up-to date, collaborative and powerful tools to keep up with the challenges of performing in a semi-autonomous environment.

Grow your high performing team

TFI (Team Flow Index) is an innovative tool that helps teams identify, discuss and act on growth and development opportunities. 

Using TFI, the team works together to analyze the team compared to a benchmark. This is a real-time digital activity which gives highly detailed insights into where the team is doing well and what is getting in the way – without it getting personal or offensive. 

The tool contains a complete library of team success factors with corresponding development options, so it’s easy to translate development areas into an actionable development roadmap, either with or without facilitation. 

Afterwards you can use the Team Flow Index to track the progress of team development and continue the development and growth journey.

Digital, smart and data driven

Built for today’s teams

TFI was built with today’s knowledge and digital technology for teams and squads working in modern organizations. It’s quick, simple and it keeps personal data safe and anonymous. 

It provides collated data and reports in real time, so teams can start working with the collected data straight away. And that keeps the energy level high! It encourages a constructive dialogue on improvement, without losing sight of strengths and achievements. 

Each team is unique

TFI does not have a one-size-fits-all team model. Instead, it works with a unique set of benchmarks, which means that your team will be measured against a relevant benchmark that fits the job your team does, as well as the environment it works in. This is crucial, because experience has taught us that medicine for one team can be poison for another. 

This means that TFI will show highly relevant feedback for your team and that TFI outcomes are actionable and lead to real, tangible improvements.

Data driven

TFI uses data in a unique way to continuously refine and improve the benchmarks it uses. Also team data is logged, so that progress can be tracked over time. It will even allow you to access team data to develop company-specific benchmarks, to fine-tune the feedback offered to teams.

Team Flow Index will enable you to
  • Apply dynamic benchmarks for each type of team
  • Identify key performance factors for teams in your organization
  • Create an efficient, complete and actionable picture of team performance factors
  • Benchmark your team performance
  • Create a shared roadmap of team development actions
  • Track team development progress  
  • Learn continuously: data driven development of company specific benchmarks and team success factors
  • Nail down team development priorities

Team Flow Index

Contact: Jeroen van Berkom
Team Flow Index