More and more individuals and teams within an organization are given the space to organize their work independently. This is not always easy. LinkXs is a game specially designed to get groups to practice self-organization, communication and cooperation.

Not only do tasks have to be carried out, they have to be planned and managed. In situations like these, people communicate with each other on a much more intense level, especially when it comes to places and times where interests diverge: unnecessary competition, confrontation and even conflicts can lie in wait.

LinkXs is a game specially designed to get groups to practice self-organization, communication and cooperation.

The game initially offers players a mirror by encouraging negative behavior, and then proceeding to provide insight into it. The game then sets the teams off on a search to bring the game to a successful conclusion. The teams’ experiences on their journey contain valuable tips for their working practices and the game becomes not so much a mirror, as an opportunity offering insight into more effective behavior.

What does LinkXs achieve​


People who play LinkXs often discover that they have deeply rooted beliefs and opinions about cooperation and other issues that have a huge influence on their work, such as communication and leadership. People are often hardly aware of the forces that influence these issues in their lives and they are therefore hardly ever discussed. LinkXs provides a framework for analyzing team cooperation in a thorough and versatile way and enables the clearing of any blockages, should this be found to be necessary. 

Who is it for

LinkXs is designed to practice self-organization, communication and cooperation. LinkXs is all about attitudes and skills and can be played by people of diverse educational or professional levels. It is important that the players already have some form of collaboration in their workplace. The game can be used in various situations, for instance as part of a larger program, but is also excellent for use as a group activity on its own.


How does LinkXs work

LinkXs is played in groups of eight to twelve players, divided into four subgroups. Each subgroup gets two tasks, which have to be completed. The know-how and the means to complete the tasks are divided up and spread out over the whole group. Subgroups therefore have only access to partial information, and must acquire what they are missing. Communication between the subgroups is set up in such a way that the game facilitator can easily observe without being too intrusive.

Participants responded very positively to Linkxs. 

I was pleasantly surprised by both the game and the effect it had. 

Especially taking the short preparation time into account. My compliments to InContext! 

Raab Karcher - Formula Manager

Like to play LinkXs and improve your team?

Contact: Karin Vrij
Like to play LinkXs and improve your team?