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Leading a company in the face of relentless technological change and disruptive forces that transform industry after industry is not something that can be done by one individual, regardless how experienced and talented that person might be. 

Tackling the challenges of today’s business world requires a team of executive leaders who pull in the same direction and work together in service of the company and its critical stakeholders. In other words, it requires enterprise leadership.

For many executive teams, enterprise leadership remains an aspiration rather than a business reality. The reason is simple: many leaders make it to the executive table due to their functional expertise, the value created in their part of the business and the ability to garner support for their own ideas. 

Once there, many find it difficult to make the shift in mindset and skills to act in the best interests of the enterprise as a whole rather than a business unit or function.

Profound insights

Chromiumis a simulation specifically designed to support ambitious functional leaders to navigate and experience the changes in leadership focus and skills required to become an effective enterprise leader.  

In Chromium, teams of senior functional leaders play a number of immersive business cases in which they take on the roles of the CEO, CFO, CHRO and other executives. This nudges players out of their functional comfort zones, provides them with insight into how other disciplines approach business problems and exposes them to the dilemmas of balancing the goals of business units with the broader interests of the enterprise. 

Through their individual and collective decisions, players have impact on their (fictitious) company’s performance, its people, customers and market. Combined with masterclasses and interactive sessions with actors and their own executive leaders, Chromium provides players with profound insights into the world of an enterprise leader as well as valuable tips for their own leadership journey. 

Designed to address specific dilemmas

Chromium is a customizable simulation 

For one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, InContext worked closely with their business and HR executives to create a tailor-made program that supports senior professionals to move up to the much broader role of enterprise leader and help realize the company’s new strategy.  

Inspired by their mission to reimagine medicine, the aim of their Chromium program became to encourage and support senior professionals’ curiosity:  

  • How does the business work today?
  • Where will revenue come from in 3 to 4 years’ time?
  • What does the organizational model need to look like to remain fit for purpose?
  • What does that mean for our culture, capabilities and experiences to support that direction? 

During the simulation, participants are immersed in cases that reflect their current organization and are presented with various C-suite leadership challenges and dilemmas to bring the company’s strategies to life.  

Throughout the two-day program, participants experience a transition from a senior professional who supports the business to being a confident enterprise leader who creates value.  

From a learning point of view, it was really great to have the opportunity to wear different hats within the cases and to learn that we actually do have the ability to understand and influence what goes into the decisions that need to be made

Chromium participant
Accelerate learning, accelerate progress

Fueled by curiosity, Chromium provides two days of high paced excitement, frustration and fun. This accelerates learning, makes insights and new practices stick better and strengthens bonds between participants. The result is that participants go back into their organization with confidence and energy to make a difference together.

These two days were very challenging and very rewarding. I really loved the action learning and behaving like you should do in a real-life situation. This lends itself very well for the skills and capabilities we need to develop

Chromium participant

Chromium for your organization?

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Chromium for your organization?