An overview of our customizable or ready to play games and simulations

InContext has many possibilities when it comes to business games, ranging from ready-to-play games to customizable-to-your-organization business simulations. 

Team development


LinkXs is one of our most played games by many leading companies. 

This impactful management game focuses on cooperation, support, competition and conflict.

LinkXs is all about attitudes and skills and can be played by people of diverse educational or professional levels. 

This business game is ready to play.
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Team development

Team Flow Index

Speed up your team’s growth, alignment and development with Team Flow Index. 

Team Flow Index helps teams identify, discuss and act on growth and development opportunities. 

This is a real-time digital activity which gives highly detailed insights into where the team is doing well and what is getting in the way – without it getting personal or offensive. Read more.

Organizational values


Align is the value game, that excites your employees to work per the values & principles of your organization. 

They gain insights in how core values will benefit you and your team in achieving organizational goals. 

This business game can be customized to the values of your organization.
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Customer satisfaction


The business simulation BizzBuilder is about investing in business relationships for successful business. 

BizzBuilder is interesting for all professional service providers who want to stimulate their staff to enter into a partnership with external and internal clients. 

This business simulation is ready to play.
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StepAhead is a strategic business simulation, which helps your employees to practice setting a strategy to live by, not only in words, but also in actions. 

You achieve your goal as an organization by outperforming the aggressive competition.

This business simulation is ready to play. 
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Work flow


Our business simulation Flow is meant to give managers insight into the complex field in which they work and help them achieve improvements in team performance by making optimum use of available expertise and capacity.

This business game is ready to play. 
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Bespoke simulations

Create a breakthrough!

The best way to create a maximum impact simulation is to model it exactly on your organization; instantly recognizable and 100% relevant. A learning experience without equal.

Our company simulations integrate key themes of your organization and the daily reality of the participants. They closely reflect your organization; its vision, strategy, processes and culture. 
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