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If you ask your employees about the mission and vision of the company and they start to stutter, you know that your vision is not alive. A vision, mission, and core values are foundational to an effective strategic plan. But how do you define a strong vision and how do you make sure that people will know what to do to help achieve it?

If you ask your employees about the mission and vision of the company and they start to stutter, you know that your vision is not alive. A vision, mission, and core values are foundational to an effective strategic plan. But how do you define a strong vision and how do you make sure that people will know what to do to help achieve it?

The challenge is to formulate a strong vision and translate it into tangible day-to-day actions

In today’s rapidly changing markets, organizations are confronted with an abundance of challenges and opportunities. To deal with them, you need to make clear choices about where they want to go and how they are going to get there.

We help our clients to discover and nail down their vision and translate it into a crystal clear strategy. We partner with our clients to make the vision and strategy happen by securing buy-in of leaders and employees, clear communication and cascading the strategy down. Working with proven methods and tools, we know how people can implement the chosen strategy in their own area of the organization and in their own personal behavior. We don’t stop until the vision and strategy are succesfully embedded in the DNA of the organization.

What can you expect?


A strong vision as a foundation

A vision is an aligned combination of the following elements: why the organizaton exists (mission), what the organization stands for (core values) and what the organization wants to achieve (aspirational goal). A strong vision is the foundation for the culture and strategy of the organization. It gives direction and is a guide for future choices.

InContext involves leaders, employees and other stakeholders to discover and formulate the vision for their organization. By involving people in an inspiring development process, they will take ownership to live the vision in daily practice.


Rethinking your business model

Because of rapidly changing customer needs and the high impact of technology, current business models become less relevant. Organizations need to rethink their business model in order to stay ahead of competition.

InContext helps with state-of-the-art methods and tools to rethink your business model. The first step is to gain deep insight of your customers and translate it to an attractive value proposition. The next topic is how to ‘produce’ this value proposition and how to deliver it to the market via a multi-channel approach. The magic lies in the alignment between customer needs, value proposition, operations and (multi-channel) delivery.


A crystal clear strategy

When the aspirational goal is defined in the vision, it needs to become clear how the organization will reach it. A crystal clear and easy to communicate strategy will be defined. Nailing down key success factors and activities will help people to focus on key priorities. This strategic focus will help break down silos and encourage people to work together to make the strategy happen.

InContext supports in building and communicating the strategy and helps to translate it into a clear road map.


Making strategy happen

Organizations tend to invest 80% of their time developing vision and strategy and only 20% making it happen. That’s the main reason why visions and strategies are not realized in daily practice.

InContext helps to translate the vision and strategy to team and individual level in a way that each team and individual knows how to contribute to the strategy. We support in embedding the vision and strategy in formal business processes such as P&C-cycle, performance management and HR-tools. We support to create a feedback culture with the aim to continiously improve. 

What about results?

F*ck mediocrity. We go for amazing results. When we are done, people form a better personal connection with the organization. They take ownership for implementing the defined vision and strategy in their own area and in their own behavior. The final result is a better financial performance, higher customer loyalty (NPS) and employee engagement.

Methods, tools & inspiration


We have extensive experience in putting scientifically based methodology into practice with regard to:

  • Development of vision
  • Designing your business model
  • Formulating the strategy and road map
  • Living the vision
  • Cascading the strategy


The tools we put into practice are inspiring, create a joint experience and provide superior content. Some examples:

  • Vision development workshops: based on an analysis of the actual vision of the organization, the history of the organization and the challenges and opportunities for the future, participants will define in a creative and energetic process the vision of the organization.
  • Business model design sessions: in a start-up atmosphere, participants will design the winning business model for their existing clients, based on the tool of the business model canvas. This business model will be compared with the existing business model and lessons learned will be defined. Inspired by the outcome, the existing business model will be redefined.
  • Strategy workshops: several tools, such as the ‘one-page strategy’ and ‘strategy mapping’ are used to define a crystal clear strategy. After the definition of the content, attention will be paid to make the strategy easy to communicate.
  • Cascading the strategy sessions: Leaders of departments and teams need to translate the vision and strategy to their own department/team. We support leaders in this process by coaching, train-the-trainer or facilitation of sessions with their people.
  • Simulate: a company simulation helps employees to be aware how strategy impacts their daily work and how they can contribute to the success of the organization.

Books, Articles, YouTube

When it comes to vision, business model and strategy, we are inspired by ‘gurus’ like, Jim Collins (Built to last), Alexander Osterwalder (Reinventing your business model), Verne Harnish (One page strategy) and Robert Kaplan (Strategy mapping).

Because not all people learn by reading, we want to share the following youtube contributions.

Reinventing your business model, Alexander Osterwalder

Strategy mapping, Robert Kaplan

InContext has contributed significantly to the enormous steps forward we have made. There is a shared vision and we focus on our priorities.

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