Getting results out of high performance culture

There is a strong correlation between high performing organizations and culture. Financially healthy and successful organizations have, in most cases, a powerful and distinctive corporate culture. 

Behaviors seen in such high performance cultures are high energy levels, action-focused colleagues, an open feedback culture, powerful commitment, mutual empowerment and choices directed towards maximum result for the organization as a whole.

InContext supports, designs and facilitates the building of high performing organizations.



Clear and consistent vision

This creates clarity about the identity, the raison d’être, the ‘why’ of the organization. It determines how choices are made about strategy or how an organization is set up. As such, the vision forms not only the foundation of a high performance culture, but an altogether visionary organization.



Leadership is the driver behind exceptional performances of teams and of individuals. It demands that the leader be in continual contact with themselves, the organization, their people and the outside world. High performance leaders develop their own unique combination of ambition and wisdom, are an example to others, offering others genuine reasons to perform, the space to grow, bond and develop.


Effective talent management

A high performance culture demands unique people with special qualities and an extreme motivation. Attracting, developing, placing and holding on to such talent demands a focused approach to talent management.


Behavior, choices and KPI’s

A high performance culture means nothing if it does not translate into behaviors, choices and ultimately business results. InContext helps you measure this and take appropriate action. This fuels continuous improvement of your high performance culture.

A high performance organization is reflected in people’s everyday behavior

People determine whether a company is actually able to grow to become a high performance organization; people who behave in a way congruent with gaining maximal result for the organization as a whole. Determining which behavior is desired and how that is to be aligned with what the organization wants to achieve is of crucial importance. InContext helps you to measure how much of your high performing culture is reflected in people's everyday choices and behavior.

Improve the performance of your organization

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Improve the performance of your organization
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