Great organizations need a vibrant strategy for developing leaders as they are a fundament to success

Great leaders create, carry and share vision. They spark ambition throughout the organization, build the insight to take wise decisions and make everyone in the organization feel they are part of something meaningful. 

To do this, every leader needs to learn, to develop, to grow, even if this is uncomfortable. Not only to succeed at the amazing challenges that every leader encounters, but also to be the example for all that development never stops.

We are experts at constructing custom-made high impact development programs, created in close partnership with you. We are experts in experiential learning and offer inspiring and innovative leadership development methods with highly motivated and inspirational facilitators. We work with personal, supportive, meaningful and confronting approaches, helping people to move beyond their comfort zone throughout all our programs. 

What can you expect?


Careful analysis and design

What is the business case for the development program? How is it connected to your strategy? To your day-to-day operation? The Leadership Development Programs link directly to your strategy and your work practices. We design our programs based on the context of your organization. The starting point of our program design is an analysis of your organization’s context as well as the competencies and behaviors relevant to the actual work situations and practices of the participants.


Effective blended learning

We see blended learning as a complete, integrated learning system which targets what participants need and want to learn.  In consultation with you, using multi-platform media delivery integrally designed for maximum impact, we can target the real needs of participants and what they actually want and need to learn. Getting the right content in the right format to the right people.


Measuring progress

We track and measure changes in leadership development over time, setting targets and assessing achievement and if necessary, adjusting the program. We assess the extent of behavioral change in relation to your objectives.


Touching the essence

Becoming a more effective leader often requires changing behavior. This means adjusting underlying mind-sets.  This can take people beyond their comfort zone and be challenging for everyone involved: participants, trainers, mentors and leaders. However, a significant degree of challenge can nudge behavior in the desired direction and, in doing so, offer the opportunity for positive change. 

What about results?

We want people to step forward and leave their comfort zone.
We aim to influence personal leadership.  
By developing personal leadership, we ensure high change agility as well as people agility so that leaders can successfully navigate through future challenges.  

InContext is first-rate in training communication, problem solving and influencing skills, and we encourage an active and on-going network when participants have completed the program.

Their down to earth and hands-on way of working relates well to our people and creates necessary insights

Selma de Ridder - Global Talent Manager Damen

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