IXPLORA encourages smart thinking and effective behavior

Discover talent and practice skills

Challenge yourself and step into the world of IXPLORA: an online application which offers a personal, scenario-based learning experience. 

You enter a tailor-made story in which you face various dilemma’s and challenges. You answer the challenges by recording and submitting a live video response and by answering multiple choice questions. 

IXPLORA provides instant personal feedback and presents KPI scores after each challenge. The intelligent system leads you through your own path based on your responses to the challenges and lets you experience the long-term effects of behavior. Be challenged by your past!

High performers learn mostly from experience

Charles Jennings - Chief Learning Officer, Thomas Reuters

What can you expect?


Real-life conversations

IXPLORA mirrors real-life conversations. Multiple decisions from the past influence your current position, allowing you to experience the short term and long term effects of your behaviors and choices. In this way, you adapt your choices based on knowledge, skills and behavior and influence your path. With the (optional) trainer influence, instant and personal feedback can be provided. 


Customized themes

IXPLORA is tailor-made with dilemma’s and themes from your own organization. In close cooperation, you define the storylines, challenges and KPI’s to tailor IXPLORA and make it effective. 

The themes which can be used in IXPLORA are endless: active listening, consultative selling, stakeholder management, conflict resolution, feedback, negotiation skills and more.


Training tool and serious game

Use IXPLORA as a training tool, a game or as part of an assessment. IXPLORA trains skills and behavior by offering participants the opportunity to experience the effects of present and past decisions anytime, anywhere. Using the personal feedback provided and rehearsing and repeating assignments, participants learn and improve their skills and behavior. 


Use video and master skills and knowledge


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