Mammoet asked InContext to develop a company simulation as part of the strategy implementation for field and office staff. 

Mammoet asked InContext to develop a company simulation as part of the strategy implementation for field and office staff. 


Mammoet specializes in lifting and moving extremely heavy objects, anywhere in the world. The company designed a new strategy to improve cooperation, efficiency and safety throughout the organization. 

InContext developed a company simulation to help embed this new strategy corporation-wide: Mega Arctic Developmet (MAD).

The company simulation 'MAD' was played by more than 800 field employees and 300 office staff in the Netherlands, as well as 150 employees in Britain and 150 in Germany in total.  


The company simulation 'MAD' involved a virtual project to construct infrastructure and a settlement on an imaginary arctic island, where Mammoet is one of two organizations competing for the execution of parts of the project. 

The ‘playground’, for groups of 60 players at a time, was a specially built complex on the Mammoet premises. Jeroen van Berkom, the InContext consultant who designed and facilitated the simulation: “The only thing we couldn’t simulate was the physical scale of the project and the island, but for the rest, the offices, the processes, roles, mutual dependencies and dilemmas were all realistic. The actual construction was executed with scale models.” 

The simulation started with a plenary introductory session where targets and roles were explained. Van Berkom: “Next, we had different areas where people could work, build and deliver the result to  the client. All the data were collected in real time and visible on large screens, so that everybody could see how they were doing.”   

This immediate feedback helped clarify the rationale behind the new strategy that was simultaneously translated into applicable daily practices. “People immediately realized how this influenced their personal behavior, and why this was needed to effectively serve customers,” adds Van Berkom. 


Sander Splinter - Managing Director Mammoet
The result

The result after the international roll-out was that 1400 employees fully understood the need for the new strategy and their own, individual contribution to its success. 

They gained a profound understanding of the key roles, tasks and dependencies within the Mammoet process and experienced the impact of their behavior on colleagues and customers. 

A major factor was the full integration of safety aspects in the simulation to illustrate how they affect the strategy.  

Sander Splinter, Managing Director of Mammoet: “Our people experienced the new strategy, rather than being told. Feeling a strategy has so much more impact than reading about it.” 

Employees feel responsible to proactively contribute to the success of Mammoet!

More about this company simulation?

Contact: Jeroen van Berkom
More about this company simulation?

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