Mammoet increases customer satisfaction by empowering their employees

Mammoet increases customer satisfaction by empowering their employees

How do you get 1400 employees spread over 3 different countries aligned on strategy in order to increase the customer satisfaction? We believe in learning by experience and therefor we empowered the employees of Mammoet with a tailor made business simulation.


Mammoet is the world leader in moving large and heavy structures. They offer their clients many solutions to improve their construction efficiency. Mammoets vision and strategy is based on their workforce, because people play an important role in delivering this smart solutions. That’s why we developed a tailor made business simulation.
Industry - Logistics

This simulation, called ‘MAD’ (Mega Arctic Development), helps employees to understand the new strategy and it makes them aware what their individual contribution to it should be.

The simulation is played along a metaphor of two organization’s working on the Arctic Development (MAD) project. Both organizations are acquiring and delivering projects to develop an island in the Arctic Ocean and are requested by their customer to develop infrastructure and to build a settlement.


Feeling a strategy has so much more impact than reading about it.

Sander Splinter - Managing Director Mammoet Europe

After this big roll out, over 1400 employees understood the new strategy, why it is needed, and what each individual’s contribution to it should be. They gained understanding of the key roles, tasks, and dependencies within the primary process of Mammoet, and experienced the impact of their behavior on colleagues and customers. Last, but not least, they better understood the different interests existing in the topic ‘Safety’ both from Mammoet and from the customer's perspective, and how this affects the strategy.

The simulation enables Mammoet employees to act in line with strategy in the preparation and execution of their work and to discuss effective behavior, like cooperation with each other, in a constructive way. Also very importantly employees feel responsible to proactively contribute to the success of Mammoet!

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Meet the projectlead: Jeroen van Berkom
Recognize this business critical?