Concrete results

InContext is proud to accomplish concrete, measurable results for our clients. Every project starts with analyzing and defining applicable KPI’s and benchmarks. During our work with clients, close measurement of the progress that is being made frequently leads to new insights and optimization of management decisions.

Core aspects of our international approach

We work in the context of your organizational and regional culture.
Our starting point is an impartial understanding of your situation.
We appreciate and embrace difference.
We build on strengths.
Experience-based learning is key in our approach.
We are flexible in adjusting our methods and develop bespoke programs catered to your specific needs.
Your strategic objectives are our main focal point

InContext Business Simulations is a management consultancy firm based in the Netherlands that has developed an increasingly international portfolio of clients over the last two decades. Nowadays, we are working on projects around the globe; our consultants and project managers are facilitating business games and business simulations in the USA, the Caribbean, South America, China, Singapore and almost all European countries. In the Netherlands we also welcome our clients’ international employees.

Based on our experience with many international clients, we have developed a philosophy and communication strategy called “The Winning Dialogue”. This philosophy offers a communication framework that transcends national cultures and therefore offers valuable insights for those who start working along the lines of its recommendations. The starting point of “The Winning Dialogue” is an open-minded understanding of the content and context of any situation in which two or more persons interact to achieve certain goals. InContext Business Simulations is able to connect cultures and generate a lasting impact, by making use of unique methods of experience-based learning.