Watch this video about a company simulation we designed, built and facilitated for Panalpina.

Straight to the matter: tailor made company simulations developed from scratch and used to meet real and stretching business challenges. 


Our company simulations give the opportunity to translate key themes of your organization into the daily practice of the participants. They are a mirror of the reality of your own organization with its specific vision, strategy, processes, culture and any other elements that are relevant.


Create insight and awareness about challenges, dilemma’s and situations in practice and how to deal with it. Company simulations simulate the current reality and/or your preferences for the future reality. It gives the opportunity to focus on different parts and processes of the organization. And it gives the opportunity to experiment with the ‘new reality’, with various processes, roles, relations, etcetera.


> Live your strategy

To deploy, explain and embed your mission, your vision,your strategy, your brand. To strengthen or implement organizational values. To connect behavior to strategy. To engage your employees with your organization. To make your vision and strategy shared and lived throughout the entire organization.

> Experience Key Drivers

Explain and embed your business model. Explain and embed your way of working. Enhance your end-to-end process. Enlarge the customer focus in your organization. Create a high performing organization.

> Improve Cooperation

Create effective teamwork across individuals, teams, disciplines and nationalities. Enhance cooperation between content driven professionals. Break silo-thinking. Enhance global cooperation and global thinking. Connect cultures and generate a lasting impact.

> Empower Change

Create a true sense of urgency for change and fast adaptation. Bring your new organization to life even before it exists. Explore, experiment, experience the new process or way of working. Support your culture change. Make abstract concepts tangible. Integrate your business successfully after a merger or acquisition.


  • translated into a high impact company simulation based on your core process
  • reflected by the most important roles and interdependencies
  • reflected by your business challenges and how to deal with these in practice
  • is instantly recognizable and the learning experience is 100% relevant
  • focused on achieving your organizations' strategic goals 


  • experience the practical and abstract concepts of your organization and their importance in practice
  • experience their own natural behavior and its effect
  • will be confronted with limitations, dilemmas, decisions, beliefs and their consequences
  • share personal opinions and ideas
  • learn without being aware of the learning process


  • straight to the heart of your specific matter
  • linking people to process and objectives
  • challenging, engaging, competitive, high energetic
  • instantly applicable acquired behavior and insights in practice
  • maximum and sustainable impact