InContext Business Simulations is part of InContext Consultancy Group

InContext Consultancy Group helps organizations with organizational development and strategic behavioral change. Because whatever you accomplish in business - the success of a strategy, breathing life into a brand, achieving sales results, creating a friendlier front office, or the successful completion of a merger - always depends on the day-to-day behavior of people at every level of the organization. InContext’s field of excellence and expertise is where the attitudes and actions of people have a direct effect on the success of your organization. 

People side of business, business side of people

At InContext, strategic change in business and people come together. This is because InContext is at the junction between the business side (technology, processes, business models, marketing, sales, supply chain, finance, IT) and the people side (attitude, energy, skills, motivation, authenticity, connection, integrity).

With this unique combination of knowledge and skills, we are able to place any intervention in the context of your organization and thus going directly to the heart of your problem. Linking people to process, thus creating impact and results. Read more at InContext Consultancy Group.

InContext Business Simulations is an extraordinary management games and business simulations developer. We are focused on developing, building and facilitating highly impactful management games and business simulations solely based on the essential question: what strategic goals do you want to achieve?

We are focused on sustainable results, on intense shared learning experiences, on high energy and fun. On giving people the opportunity to challenge themselves, experimenting with different behaviors and experiencing the results for themselves, for their team, for their company.

We have learned that the best way to create a maximum impact is building a management game or business simulation that is modeled on, and therefore a complete fit for your situation, that is instantly recognizable, 100% relevant and a learning experience without equal.

For InContext Business Simulations inspiration, creativity and partnership go hand in hand with analysis, drive and results. Culture change, change management, team alignment, anchoring strategies, building understanding of business drivers and learning & development programs are a few key words from projects we have worked on.

With ambition, drive and courage, we really do make a difference and offer innovative, lasting solutions for our clients. They describe our approach as unorthodox, passionate, conscientious, surprising and constantly focused on achieving measureable results. That is why the largest and most ambitious organizations find their way to InContext.